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In 2002, the owner of this 9 yeqr old Cocker Spaniel brought him to the dog pound to be put to sleep because he had severe liver cancer. He could not even Lift His head due to pain.

We adopted him, the Pound looked at me like i was crazy.  They gave me a case of dog food. i told them that was what most likely caused the dog's illness. 

I brought him to my friend who is a veterinarian, he said the dog's cancer was severe and had to be put down. I refused and asked him to follow up with me, which he agreed.

I gave him 4 scoops daily of the minerals. In 3 days, he was keeping his head up and active, with the tail wagging often. after a month, the vet said that he did not see much of the cancer, and that it dramatically reduced.

a month later, he was jumping up on couches, in a good way, and playing with balls, having a good time.

Another month later, someone came to see us about Thanksgiving.        Their 14 year old daughter fell in love with him, and he cuddled up with her, and they played so well together. The mother told us that they promised to get her a puppy for Christmas. So we gave her an early Christmas. He lived to be 17 years old, longer than most Cocker Spaniels typically live.


Augie, Yellow Lab. This is April 5 with Bone and Skin Cancer Given no hope. The following Pictures will show before and after within a month or two.

May 12, his Birthday, the lesions were no longer evident. The mineral was his Birthday Hat full of Smiles. A HAPPY AUGIE

There are 2 videos, May 12 he was running in the backyard. Memorial Day he was swimming in the lake after his stick.


May 12, Augie's 12th Birthday, all smiles and wore the mineral bottle as his BIRTHDAY HAT


This Is Madi

13 Years old

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This is Madi. 13 years old.

4 weeks ago she was diagnosed with liver cancer spread from lung. She had mass in lung, liver 2 times its size with nodules and a large mass under her neck. She was given days to live no hope. Make her comfortable until we put her down.  

We got her the Minerals. After 3 days the mass under her neck was gone! After 2 weeks she started to eat again and now after 3 weeks she has PINK gums that were yellow with no hint of pink. Just dead yellow. Look at them now !!!

Her liver is working again and she is acting like a puppy.            Woo Hoo!

Thank you Fred and the minerals !